The Entertainment Dome Episode 36 – We’re Back! An Entertainment Dome Story

With James back from holiday, The Entertainment Dome can now resume, and boy, do we have some catching up to do. Specifically, we begin our weekly RWBY recaps with a look at the first two episodes of Volume 4 (and I get a bit too excited) and we share our thoughts on the newly named Nintendo Switch.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 35 – There Is Always Hope

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we bring the Danganronpa 3 recaps to an end with a somewhat incoherent ramble about the final episode, we try (and fail) not to be smug about Digital Homicide’s decision to drop its multiple lawsuits and James finally gets round to talking about the recent investigations into No Man’s Sky‘s advertisements and promotions.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 21 – United in Sadness

This week on The Entertainment Dome, our RWBY talk is finally over… and James is not happy. We spend a good while discussing Volume 3 and how it’s simultaneously amazing and heart-breaking, as well as some of our hopes for Volume 4. We also manage to get some quick pre-E3 news in (or as I like to call it, PrE3); specifically some of the leaks that have already emerged.