The Entertainment Dome Episode 63 – E3 2: Electric Boogaloo Part 2

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we finish off this year’s E3 recap with a ramble about the showings from Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo and more.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 55 – Beauty and the Beast Titan

This week on The Entertainment Dome, I continue to complain about Season 2 of Attack on Titan, I get cautiously hyped over the new Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite trailer and James rounds things up by bringing up the recently announced Night Trap remaster (apologies for the occasional peaking).

Ten Anticipated Games of 2017

I’m just gonna get this out of the way – 2016 sucked. I don’t specifically mean in terms of videogames either – it just sucked, both in general and on a personal level. It’s easy to take one look at the state of the world and think that there’s no point anymore; it’s easy to just give up and lock ourselves away and wallow in our own misery.

But while it is important to be aware and not be ignorant to what’s going on outside, it’s also important to still enjoy yourselves; it’s important to make yourself happy. There’s no shame in allowing yourself to feel joy, whether you get that feeling from family, friends, music, films and, of course, videogames. Continue reading