The Entertainment Dome Episode 116 – The Phantom E3 Episode Part 2

James and I wrap up our thoughts on this year’s E3 with a quick run-down of everything revealed at Square Enix and Nintendo’s presentations.

Five Disappointing Videogame Crossovers

There’s something about crossovers that’s just inherently exciting. The idea of taking two or more different franchises or characters and having them interact is something that’s been capable of generating headlines and making fans wet themselves in delight for years, whether it be in comic books, films or videogames. Which is why it’s so irritating when a crossover ends up not delivering.

Whether it be due to a poor story, lack of imagination, the franchises in question not gelling together very well or those involved having no proper understanding of how to make it work, some crossovers fail to be the spectacular clash of titans they were meant to be and are instead bland, unassuming and, overall, disappointing. And here are five examples I’ve personally seen within the world of videogames; ones that contain a plethora of mistakes that, hopefully, future videogame crossovers won’t make. Continue reading