The Entertainment Dome Episode 200 – Milestones Schmilestones

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we celebrate our 200th episode by playing catch up on the last month of gaming news, including the Nintendo Direct Mini, the Final Fantasy 7 anniversary showcase, and Hideo Kojima being falsely accused of assassinating the former prime minister of Japan.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 31 – Deep in Despair and Denial

This week on The Entertainment Dome, James and I manage to get some actual videogame talk in, specifically about the newest Pokémon Sun & Moon details and we finally get round to sharing our opinions on Metal Gear Survive. And, of course, there’s Danganronpa 3 talk but not a lot happened in the last two episodes. Nothing eventful. Nothing at all. Nothing bad happened. Everything’s fine. Seriously.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 19 – This Is the Day We Waited For

It’s a shorter than usual episode this week on The Entertainment Dome, but there’s still plenty of rambling going on. I’ve officially got James hooked on RWBY and he has some surprising (well, I was surprised) thoughts on the first volume. We also make up for the lack of any Ace Attorney talk last week by recapping the previous two episodes of the anime and we express shock at Konami doing something good for a change.

Also, apologies for all the background noise.