The Entertainment Dome Episode 49 – Kingdom Hearts is Bullshit

This week on The Entertainment Dome, the lack of any recent news sends us on a whirlwind tangent involving Kingdom Hearts, the upcoming DuckTales reboot, the end of Jim Sterling’s lawsuit with Digital Homicide and so much more (apologies for the peaked audio).

The Entertainment Dome Episode 33 – Incroyable!

This week on The Entertainment Dome, it’s James’ turn to feel the despair over the latest Danganronpa 3 episodes, but he’s got something else to cheer himself up – Digital Homicide continuing to act like jack-asses to the point where even Valve is tired of their shit.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 10 – Digital Suicide

WARNING: The following episode contains spoilers for the following:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2

Due to reasons, we weren’t actually meant to record an episode last week. But we did it anyway because we don’t play by the rules and not because we didn’t know we weren’t supposed to record.

In this episode, we consider re-branding the show into The Ace Attorney Hour, have a quick natter about what we want to see in Telltale’s upcoming projects and discuss Digital Homicide’s plan to sue Jim Sterling – and how god damn stupid it is.