The Truth About Kings Cross

Synopsis: A cleaner at King’s Cross has to deal with over-the-top Harry Potter fans all the time, unaware that their supposed magic is more real than he thinks.

“Bill, you’re needed again,” said Dave, as he walked past.

With a roll of my eyes, I grabbed all my gear, including a first-aid kit (just in case) and made my way down the platforms. Kings Cross was particularly busy this time of day, so why were these idiot kids even attempting it today? At least, I had assumed it was an idiot kid. Continue reading

What I Didn’t Like About Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the entire Harry Potter series


In case you missed it, I previously wrote an article all about the things I liked about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the long-awaited (?) continuation of the adventures of the world’s favourite British wizard. But, like I wrote in that article, while Cursed Child is not a bad story, it’s by no means a good one either and is plagued with problems of its own that just make it seem… unimpressive, if you get what I mean.

So, just to be a contrarian to myself (and because it’s fun), let’s go through the things I didn’t like about the eighth Harry Potter story. Continue reading

What I Liked About Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the entire Harry Potter series


So how about that eighth Harry Potter book, eh? As someone who grew up reading the adventures of everyone’s favourite boy wizard, the announcement of another installment in the series left me feeling a number of various emotions – curiosity arguably being the biggest one. While I have since grown out of my Harry Potter phase, I couldn’t help but be somewhat interested in what exactly J.K. Rowling had in store for us now that Harry and friends were all grown up and had kids of their own, especially when it was confirmed that this new story would be a stage show. Continue reading

The Entertainment Dome Episode 13 – Fantastic Beasts and Where the Hell Are They?

It’s not been a good year so far, but that won’t stop us from being positive! This week on The Entertainment Dome, we officially introduce a weekly segment where we recap the Ace Attorney anime, we discuss the recent trailer for the new, not Harry Potter movie and we dive down a deep, dark hole when James brings up the upcoming Preacher adaptation (also we fade out at the end too early – whoops).