The Entertainment Dome Episode 99 – The Day Dreams Died

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we actually get to talk about the first episode of RWBY Volume 6 this time, but not before going through all those juicy new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate details (apologies for the drilling sounds in the background).

Five of My Favourite Generation 7 Pokémon


About a couple of years ago, I wrote a list about thirty of my favourite Pokémon, but that was before the then upcoming seventh generation of games had come out – Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. These two games introduced a bunch of brand new catch-able creatures so, with the updated releases, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, still fresh in my memory, I figured I would follow up on that previous list and share a small sample of my favourite additions to the ever growing world of Pokémon.

Quick disclaimer – I’m only including brand new Pokémon so no Alolan forms. Continue reading