Ten of My Favourite Games of the Decade

I know I’m late in saying this but, damn, this really is a new decade, huh? I never even considered it until it was pointed out to me. A lot has happened in the last ten years, and after looking at some good-looking games that are coming in the future, I’d like to reminisce about all the awesome games from the past. And, boy, there were a lot.

So, since everyone else has done it and I apparently have as much originality as a live-action Disney remake, here’s a list of some of my all-time favourite games to have been released throughout the 2010s – one from each year (I’m using the European release dates BTW). Continue reading

The Entertainment Dome Episode 51 – Sonic Forces… Me to Relive Emotional Trauma

WARNING: The following episode contains spoilers for Life is Strange

This week on The Entertainment Dome, James fulfills his promise from last week and decides to provide his two cents on Mass Effect: Andromeda, before moving onto gushing about his recent experience with Life is Strange and I wrap things up with some brief opinions on Sonic Forces and how Sega’s handling its PR (apologies for the peaked audio).

Remember Me – Cherished Memory or Totally Forgettable?

(originally posted January 23rd 2015)


Sometimes all it takes is an idea to get me to play a game. It could seem relatively minor but the very notion is enough to grab my interest. For Remember Me, it was the ability to enter a person’s memory and alter it. I can’t remember exactly where I heard about it but it made me want to give the game a go, despite its mixed reviews. Having now played it, though, is the game itself any good? Continue reading