The Entertainment Dome Episode 64 – Get a Girl Who Can Do Both

Because of shenanigans, the last couple of episodes haven’t been available to upload onto this site. That’s all sorted now so enjoy this episode from two weeks ago where James and I bring our Attack on Titan recaps to an end (for now) with the last two episodes of Season 2.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 35 – There Is Always Hope

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we bring the Danganronpa 3 recaps to an end with a somewhat incoherent ramble about the final episode, we try (and fail) not to be smug about Digital Homicide’s decision to drop its multiple lawsuits and James finally gets round to talking about the recent investigations into No Man’s Sky‘s advertisements and promotions.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 31 – Deep in Despair and Denial

This week on The Entertainment Dome, James and I manage to get some actual videogame talk in, specifically about the newest Pokémon Sun & Moon details and we finally get round to sharing our opinions on Metal Gear Survive. And, of course, there’s Danganronpa 3 talk but not a lot happened in the last two episodes. Nothing eventful. Nothing at all. Nothing bad happened. Everything’s fine. Seriously.

The Entertainment Dome Episode 28 – MONACA!!!

What I Think may be on a hiatus of sorts at the moment, but that doesn’t mean James and I can’t do Entertainment Dome episodes! This week, we continue to express joy, anger, sadness and confusion at the roller-coaster that is Danganronpa 3, we pretend to act surprised about Telltale’s terrible PC version of their Batman game and we get particularly excited over all the new details for Pokémon Sun & Moon.