My VG Music Picks #40 – Theme of Bayonetta 2 – Tomorrow Is Mine (Bayonetta 2)

When it comes to having a recurring theme for battles in a videogame, you need to make sure that said theme is catchy. Since the player is going to be listening to it on a regular basis, it’s important that it doesn’t drive them crazy because it’s repetitive or boring or just bad. The people that made this song clearly knew this, which is why it’s so good. Continue reading

The Entertainment Dome Episode 16 – May the Tangents Be With You

This week on The Entertainment Dome, we celebrate Star Wars Day by ironically not talking about Star Wars. Instead, we discuss practically everything else, from the rebooted Powerpuff Girls to the new Call of Duty game.

Oh, and I immediately regret a certain choice of words I use to describe the latest trailer for the Warcraft movie.