The Entertainment Dome Episode 18 – Red Like Roses

We’ve got a whole lot of movie talk going on in this week’s episode of The Entertainment Dome. Specifically, we share our opinions on the current state of DC’s movies and theorise what could happen with Nintendo’s own jump into the film industry. Also, I take delight in getting James into RWBY and I probe him for his thoughts on the initial trailers.

Batman vs Superman – Insert Yawn Sound Effect Here

(originally posted May 30th 2014)


So, how about that ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie, eh? Oh I’m sorry, ‘Batman v Superman.’ Apparently that extra ‘s’ wasn’t broody enough to be included. As a self-proclaimed geek, you’d think this film would have me foaming at the mouth with excitement, but you’d be wrong. I do love Batman and I do love Superman, but the idea of these two iconic superheroes duking it out, quite frankly, bores me. Continue reading